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If you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, seek payment for your suffering. With 30 years of experience, Workers Comp Attorney, DENNIS A. SOMMESE, ESQ. LAW OFFICE specializes in workers compensation claims, including on-the-job injury, accidents/claims, Social Security Disability, and S.S.I.


Attorney Sommese is a skillful workers comp attorney in Sacramento who is also compassionate and fiercely devoted to fighting for his clients. To see the type of kindness and empathy that he is capable of expressing, read Mr. Sommese's honors to his late wife.

Who We Are

Protect your rights in claims lawsuits involving workers compensation, social security disability or labor employment law, with legal services from our workers compensation attorney in Sacramento. At DENNIS A. SOMMESE, ESQ. LAW OFFICE, we believe in representing clients who are honest about their injuries. You must be honest, honorable, and tell the truth. The fine for any dishonesty is now $150,000.00. Our office is an applicant attorney firm to actively fight against all fraud since 1991, supporting the insurance commissioner's office, Los Angeles district attorney, and other agencies in combating all fraud by anyone for the good of the applicants, injured workers, insurance companies, The Department of Industrial Relations, and the State Bar of California.

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