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Improve your chances for legal success when you suffer from an on the job injury with workers compensation claims through DENNIS A. SOMMESE, ESQ. LAW OFFICE in Sacramento, CA. While Workers Comp Attorney Sommese cannot promise to win your case, he will use every legal means possible to reach a resolution that satisfies all parties. Call today to learn more about workers comp, labor employment law, social security disability and on the job injury in Sacramento.

What Is Workers Compensation?

Many people think of workers compensation as a lawsuit. It is not a lawsuit. It is a claim for disability benefits. The workers compensation system in California has been upgraded and revised over the years but it is still very technical.

The Right Advocate

All attorneys are not qualified to handle workers compensation just like all doctors are not brain surgeons. Workers compensation law is very complex so your workers comp attorney should be knowledgeable on all facets of labor employment law as well as your unique situation. Even an expert at Criminal Law may make some serious misunderstandings about workers compensation law. It is a disability system that was made to assist workers, not employers. It is for the worker not the insurance company.

Your Rights

Many people are not aware that law states the employer is responsible for all reasonable and necessary medical bills resulting from on the job injury no matter how high the bill. The problem is that there are disputes over what is reasonable and necessary. Because this problem hits the employer and the insurance company right in the pocket book, they do not like doctor bills to get too high.

The issue has now become who can get "lawful medical control." [see Workers Compensation Quarterly, Vol. 11, No.2] That is the main issue and that is the main reason a person with a claim should seek the assistance of a qualified attorney who has fought the battles and won. Workers Comp Attorney Sommese is a battle-scarred victorious veteran.

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